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Spartan Maritime specialize in marine applied research and consulting services for ports & harbours, marine infrastructure, oil & gas, and renewable energy sector to government and the marine engineering industry. Our services cover marine environmental analysis for coastal and offshore design and activities, hydrodynamic modelling and providing professional risk-based decision-making advisory through the use of formal safety assessment techniques.

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The oil & gas industry has significant presence in the maritime domain. We work closely with our clients in the oil & gas industry to provide essential marine risk management services to ensure their operations run as smoothly and safely as possible.

Some of the operations we support in this sector include offshore and ship-to-ship operations. Our expertise from extensive combined field experience in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) handling and offshore cargo transshipment means we have in-depth knowledge of the industry.

Port operations and expansions have considerable consequences for marine traffic. As such, we provide support to with Ports and Harbours in many aspects of marine risk management. We provide services that include feasibility studies for port expansion and site selection and suitability analysis, to ensure safety and sustainability.

We have the capabilities to support the offshore renewables industry throughout the development and installation operations of offshore structures, for full compliance and thorough risk management. Some of the ways we support such operations are through Site Suitability and Selection Analysis for the offshore structures, manoeuvring simulation studies and Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) so our clients are safe to generate their power at sea.

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At Spartan Maritime, we are experts at conducting comprehensive Marine Risk Assessments. We provide a number of services for an all-round and complete Marine Risk Assessment of the highest quality and standard.

In making our service successful, we recognize the challenges we face as a society in terms of development and environmental threats. Therefore, we are committed to being a progressive and forward-facing organization that cares deeply about the impact we have on both people and the environment.

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