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Revolutionizing the
maritime industry through data
and insights

Spartan Maritime is a leading independent research and risk management consultancy

We are redefining the genetics of disciplinary contributions and continue to provoke confrontational intelligence to stimulate fluid and transformative solutions empowering our clients to achieve greater productivity, deeper insights and sustained resilience.

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expertise across sectors

Maritime projects can be highly complex and require multi-disciplinary expertise. We work collaboratively with ecologists and economists, as well as government authorities in the planning and design of maritime infstructures. Our network makes us uniquely positioned to overcome complex challenges and objections. 

Extracting, producing and transporting natural resources requires planning, innovation and environmental sensitivity. From site suitability analyses for offshore structures, to risk assessments and hazard identification for marine transportation, our insights help our clients achieve project outcomes.

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The right people, tools and resources to optimize maritime operations

Promoting maritime data democratization

deeper understanding of interdependencies across various research sectors

We aim to revolutionize ocean management through collaboration and data-driven processes. With a cross-disciplinary network of ecologists, economists and planners, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver marine spatial planning and overcome complex challenges or objections.

Through vessel mobility intelligence and industry-leading tools, we can help improve operational performance, mitigate risk and enhance decision-making.

We support complex piloting and manoeuvring procedures in a simulated environment. Using the Wartsila NTPro 5000 system, we can help in the research, design and development of ports and waterways, while ensuring compliance with international standards and regulations.

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peace of mind

Providing our clients with universal access to the data we gather enables them to make more confident decisions.

In supporting maritime data democratization, we provide our team, our partners and our clients with barrier-free access to our information ecosystem.


We assess your capacity to rapidly contain and reduce the impact of risk events.


We look for patterns that can indicate or predict potential risk events ‘The Blind Spots’


We use digital tools that deliver deeper analyses for more effective decision making


We aim for right-first-time compliance to meet your challenging deadlines.

A radical approach to management of maritime ecosystems

delivering bespoke projects that

achieve socially inclusive


We work closely with our clients to ensure our services are responsive to local contexts and communities. In designing and delivering bespoke projects that achieve socially inclusive outcomes, we help ensure sustainable economic wellbeing.

By promoting equality, diversity, accessibility and social care, we help accelerate sustainable performance.

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Case Studies And clients

We believe in not just providing a service to our clients but forming a relationship based on understanding our client’s needs and then developing a solution based on those needs.


However, our relationship does not end there as we continue to monitor and address any situations that might arise.

Transforming ocean management through a sustainable design

cares deeply about the impact on both people and the environment

Here at Spartan Maritime, we recognize the challenges we face in terms of development and environmental threats.

We are committed to being a progressive and forward-facing organization that cares deeply about the impact we have on both people and the environment.

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