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Founded in 2017, Spartan Maritime is an independent multi-disciplinary marine consultancy offering lifecycle support and solutions for the marine, offshore and renewable energy sector. We specialize in marine applied research and consulting services for ports & harbours, marine infrastructure, oil & gas, and renewable energy sector to government and the marine engineering industry.

Our services cover marine environmental analysis for coastal and offshore design and activities, hydrodynamic modelling and professional risk-based decision-making advisory through the use of formal safety assessment techniques.

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A Knowledge-centric

Our knowledge-centric philosophy synthesized through a culture supporting interdisciplinary interaction and continued learning remains our central institutional asset. In our continuous pursuit of subject understanding and as more knowledge models are created, we continue to encode human expertise and data from across silos into a shared reservoir providing fluidity in applying reasoning and context to that data that creates the relationships.

We believe that the fusion of information management and organizational learning enables our people to develop deeper understanding about the interdependencies across various research sectors to discover alternative ways to optimize operations and enabling our clients to make better and safer decisions.

Capt. Khalid Jauhary,
Managing Director



Malaysia Ministry of Finance (Marine Consultancy)

Code 340202 : Traffic Consultancy
Code 340301 : Marine Consultancy

Recognized Marine Risk Assessment Consultant (RMC)

Marine Department Malaysia

IALA Associate Member since 2018

International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA)

Nautical Institute, UK


PIANC - The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure



Licensed to Supply Safety Consultancy Services to Exploration and Oil/Gas Companies in Malaysia
License SC3030100: Safety Consultancy

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