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visions statement

Realizing a sustainable future by
solving real-world maritime

Make confident decisions, achieve project outcomes

At Spartan Maritime, our vision is to realize the sustainable development goals set out by the United Nations (UN) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

By promoting social inclusion and socio-ecological reform, we aim to spearhead change in the maritime industry and contribute towards a healthier planet. Maritime activities are an essential component to sustainable economic growth and in supporting the IMO’s goals, we can strengthen our contribution to the cause. 

In a global context, we want to ensure that ports continue to import and export around the world, in a fair, safe and sustainable way. We are committed to seeing the reduction of shipping-related pollution and ensuring the security of those who work at sea.

missions statement

the maritime industry through
data and insights

Our Sectors

Providing our clients with universal access to the data we gather enables them to make more confident decisions.

In supporting maritime data democratization, we provide our team, our partners and our clients with barrier-free access to our information ecosystem

In adopting a transdisciplinary approach to maritime projects, we constantly seek out learning opportunities and ways to be innovative. Collaborating with research partners that span the maritime, offshore and energy industries decentralizes the decision-making process and encourages collective decision-making.

Through data-driven insights and vessel mobility intelligence, we communicate insights that inspire action and drive change.

We aim to design and deliver projects that achieve socially inclusive outcomes and environmental wellbeing. By promoting equality, diversity, accessibility and social care, we help accelerate and scale sustainable performance.

With every project, we work towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and supporting the work of the International Maritime Organization for sustainable shipping.

Our Philosophy

A radical approach to management of maritime ecosystems

We believe that leveraging data and insights can create data products that solve real-world maritime challenges. Through vessel mobility intelligence and industry-leading tools, we aim to improve operational performance, mitigate risk and enhance decision-making.

Collaboration is key to the open and accessible governance of ocean management, and we use a multi-criteria analysis to determine who, when and how to involve stakeholders, so that multiple objectives are considered.

We work closely with our clients to ensure our services are responsive to local contexts and communities.

In designing and delivering bespoke projects that achieve socially inclusive outcomes, we help ensure sustainable economic wellbeing. By promoting equality, diversity, accessibility and social care, we help accelerate sustainable performance.

At Spartan Maritime, we optimize the design and operations of maritime projects within the context of natural ecosystems, with a focus on long-term viability and resilience. Our priority is to preserve biodiversity, conservation and sustainable economic development in marine areas.

We understand the importance of the relationship between nature conservation and human welfare, and promote the safe, efficient and sustainable use of marine space

Transforming ocean management through sustainable design and robust management processes

Sustainability Policy
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