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expertise across the maritime and energy sectors

Our Projects

Maritime Sector

Maritime projects can be highly complex and require multi-disciplinary expertise. We work collaboratively with ecologists and economists, as well as government authorities in the planning and design of maritime infstructures. Our multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) tool generates concrete inputs for port and marine planning.

Our network makes us uniquely positioned to overcome complex challenges and objections.

confident decisions, achieve project outcomes

In addition to quantifying and visualising decision criteria, our analyses also provide insights into trade-offs, alternatives and uncertainties. We use a range of geospatial data that includes,

  • bathymetry
  • marine traffic
  • metocean data
  • environmental sensitive receptors

to uncover patterns, distributions and trends that help our clients make informed decisions.

Energy Sector

From site suitability analyses for offshore structures, to risk assessments and hazard identification for marine transportation, our insights help our clients achieve project outcomes. Through real-time data and analytics, we help mitigate risk, ensure a smooth planning process and enable our clients to progress their projects. 

Extracting, producing and transporting natural resources requires planning, innovation and environmental sensitivity

In supporting data democratization, we provide our team, our partners and our clients with barrier-free access to our information ecosystem. With every project we undertake, we consider the environmental impact of our operations and pro-actively work towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

We understand the importance of the relationship between nature conservation and human welfare and promote environmentally responsible practices across all of our service offerings.

Transforming ocean management through sustainable design and robust management processes

Sustainability Policy
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