Analytics & Data Science

We specialise in creating insights from marine traffic spatial and temporal data, helping you to appreciate data in the context of your maritime operations, business targets and decision- making processes. We transform your traffic data and information into tangible business value for you and for your company. We will assist you with a framework that eases communication to all stakeholders – it provides a clear risk picture about complex marine traffic data.

Marine Traffic Survey and Analysis

The vessel traffic survey provides additional information on the traffic behaviour in addition to AIS dataset to reinforce our knowledge on the surrounding marine traffic.

Geospatial Analysis

We have the capacity to process large amounts of traffic data through a spatial and temporal analysis utilising geographic information system. This analysis allows us to understand traffic routeing patterns and identify probable risk areas. We can give meaning and visualise the multitude of datasets contained in AIS

We inspect the integrity of the AIS data by gaps in the AIS data and we perform spectral and temporal filter to remove noise such as improbable data to ensure accurate dataset used to represent the actual traffic condition

Traffic Gate analysis

Our traffic gate analysis is a conducted through dissecting the waterway to obtain cross-sectional vessel distribution over a specified segment. We visualise frequency and composition of vessels passing through the traffic gate segments to identify areas with high intensity traffic as well as preferred traffic routeing.

Terrestrial and Satellite Automatic Identification System (AIS) Tracking

We can provide real time and historical vessel tracking information as well as data analytics that provide comprehensive data representation through our geospatial and temporal analysis software for your convenience.

Ports and Shipping Emission Monitoring

We assist ports to understand and monitor their emissions through emissions inventory development, encompassing both land-based and sea-based port-related emissions, which identifies and quantifies the key sources of emissions. We develop emissions data collection and calculation systems tailored to the needs of our clients to monitor the efficacy of emissions reduction strategies put in place.

We provide unique services in AIS-based ship emissions modelling and forecasting, to investigate and monitor emissions of greenhouse gases or more localised air pollutants within a specified geographic boundary at different scales, including at port scale. We utilise our expertise in AIS data analytics in ship tracking and emissions calculations. These services support the development of ship emissions inventories.

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