Ship Manoeuvering & Motion Studies

We conduct manoeuvring and motion studies which model vessel behaviour and hydrodynamic interaction of design vessels within a model area. The study identifies performance of vessels during approach and departure manoeuvres, and critical situations through multiple simulation scenarios.

Area Model Development

We are capable of modelling a 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional replication of the area and through development of environmental conditions.

Fast-time/Real-time Ship Simulation

Our ship simulation services, utilise a high-level physical and mathematical modelling system to ensure vessel manoeuvring the vessel into the project area is humanly possible.

The nature of the simulation provides a stage for us to identify risks associated with human error and study pilot interactions with the surrounding waterway. The simulation provides an in-depth analysis and reviews on areas that pose high risk and conduct safety analysis on vessel manoeuvres.

Inland Waterway and Traffic Modelling

We offer assessments of port and fairway design for both approach channels and inland waterways. Inland waterway studies typically involve a combination of fast-time and real- time ship manoeuvring simulation studies, whereby fast-time simulation enables high repetition of manoeuvres to ensure safety reliability while real-time simulation enables validation of ship manoeuvrability.

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